An interesting take on free speech from the Sunday Independent as pointed out on one of CMR’s favourite blogs.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Fewer stories than normal on the Sindo website today. Thankfully. And a shorter stupid statement is the result. Anne Harris fears for the future of the freedom of the press. The threat, however, does not come from overbearing government but from the internet.

Yes, freedom of speech is under threat from the great arbiter of freedom, the internet. And it all boils down to commercial realities. It was the great Joseph Pulitzer who pointed out that commercial success is the best guarantee of freedom of speech. Circulation drives advertising, he pointed out. Advertising drives revenue (profit) and revenue guarantees freedom. Freedom from all vested interest groups — celebrities, judges, the establishment. And even — ironically — freedom from the pressure of advertisers.

I think she’s mistaking free speech for profit.

Marc Coleman is back quoting The Best is Yet to Come. Except this time, the way to create a…

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