Anglo’s Rotten Apples versus The Taxpayer: A Most Useful Idiot

An excellent piece from cunning hired knaves on the individualisation of the Irish crisis as a problem of individual ‘bad bankers’ while ignoring the systemic problems of the Irish model and some excellent thoughts on the commonplace depolitisisation of the citizen framed as ‘taxpayer’.

Cunning Hired Knaves

This is an extended version of a comment I left on a piece , by Peter Cunningham in today’s Irish Times titled ‘A dark, cruel comedy at the expense of the Irish taxpayer’

Anyone who thinks people in Ireland ‘don’t riot, burn buses or paralyse the infrastructure in their anger’ either has a very short memory or a limited idea of Ireland. The history of the north of Ireland in recent decades offers plenty of examples to disprove the claim. It’s only when you think of Ireland in terms of the 26 counties of the southern state that such things appear convincing.

True enough, the population in the south has been docile by comparison with other periphery countries such as Greece or Spain. But we are talking about different places with different histories, so you shouldn’t expect to see the same thing.

There is no congenital condition affecting people in…

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