A Few Thoughts On The Anglo Tapes

Another thought provoking piece from Cunning Hired Knaves:

Cunning Hired Knaves

The Anglo Tapes. Why now? Why in this form? Is it not a bit strange how Ireland’s EU presidency is winding up and the government is no closer to concluding a retrospective ‘deal’ on costs incurred by the public as a consequence of the bank bailout, and tapes unexpectedly emerge that could have emerged at any time over the last few years but didn’t? Yes, it is strange. And no doubt there are other more interesting speculations that haven’t occurred to me. But at the same time, who cares?

I mean, there are always things going on behind the scenes. Governments lie all the time, and the current government is no exception. Similarly, businessmen conspire all the time behind the backs of the public. Though at first I was tempted, I am trying hard to see the point in divining the real nefarious motive to the publication of the Anglo…

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