There’s Blood in the Stone Yet!

blood stone

In a particularly strange and positive framing of the economic situation today, the Irish Times website reports:

1.18 Million adults have E50 left after bills paid

Note the omission of the word ‘only’ before the number of 50 euro a month. And just in case you weren’t sure of the positive framing, it adds the sub-heading:

Financial position improving for many, credit union study finds.

it online

In fact in the Print edition of the newspaper the subhead is the headline – leaving out the 1.18 million adults and their fistfulls of 50 euro notes. In the print edition we are greeted with the news that where there was 600,000 with nothing left at the end of the month, now there’s only half a million (where’s those emigration figures again?). While average disposable income has increased a whopping nine euros a month from 163 to 172 euro a month!

irish times

We are told that the number of people with nothing left to spend after bills are paid are falling drastically and now that we are in the happy position of having an extra tenner a week to spend. Overall the position on disposable income is ‘continuing to stabalise’, this is due we are informed due to citizen consumers cutting back on luxuries such as food. Other luxuries like a single visit to a GP, half a school uniform, smiling at a dentist or two thirds  of a school book will also have to be avoided. Finally we are reminded that of course this is all mainly an issue of confidence, indeed the Times is doing its bit on that front. On a brighter note it means that’s another 50 euro begging to go into that pit they call the private banking system via water charges, broadcast charges and sure maybe another pay cut or two, and this news should be the final nail in the coffin for all those strategic defaulters cheating their banks and bondholders out of pocket for frivolous luxuries like light and heat.


3 thoughts on “There’s Blood in the Stone Yet!

  1. Poem By Rita Cahill
    September 24th 2013Our Democracy has died
    In Peaceful protests it keeps us sane,
    It takes away our hurt and pain,
    We feel let down by a rule of gangsters in the Dial,
    The Bankers who committed terrible crimes and Fraud,
    Not one of the Culprits including politicians were send to Jail,
    In the Middle of Recession times” We the Forgotten People struggle so Hard,
    Not one politician has listen to the stressful peoples voices” who have been crying out loud,
    Our democracy has died, as we dare to speak,
    The puppet masters of the dial and the EU sheep,
    Took your children in bed at Night,
    To try and keep them warm,
    The elderly and disable have been a target against savage cuts, ,

    Cutting down our electricity bills in order to save some light
    Cutting Our Heating in Order to save extra Bills,
    Cutting down on Food “in Order to Save for More Taxes and more bills that we cannot afford,
    We are Strangled and ripped off by greedy Politicians who Wont Tax the rich,
    Our future looks doom and grime” lives a bitch,
    Where does the misery end” we are not to Blame,
    The Bankers, Developers, Politicians are the ones that should be put to shame,
    EU too” had a part to play in this”
    Why oh why do they crucify us,
    People are homeless every day”
    Evicted from their homes if they cannot afford to Pay,
    While the bankers get away scot free for their crimes” and not one of them went to Jail,
    Where does it end” People are sick of Austerity” it doesn’t work”
    The Bailiffs IMF are watching around the clock”
    The Timeline role is a time ticking bomb clock”
    We will soon be in trouble again when the politicians burst the bubble,
    One more slip up and the Irish people will explode,
    Irish people are suffering too much from bankers , and politicians ”five years ago,
    We cannot take no more,
    Suicides are on the rising, lost of people homes and homeless are high,
    Disability Children and adults are suffering” unemployment is rising” people losing their jobs,
    Where are the tapes from the other bailed-out banks?
    Kenny: ‘I dunno
    Where does it end with the puppet master in the dial who failed the Irish people, what a bunch of Duno Dunces a bunch of greedy Corrupt politicians and a bunch of low rated mobs.
    deal on the bank debt, although Germany is especially reluctant.
    Anglo may have deliberately misrepresented

    what is the end of our communities, our economies and our democracies, of generations to come,
    The burden lies with the people on the Government’s tax reform of demands,
    Where in God does this End

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