Right2Water and the meaning of human rights — Medium

Cunning Hired Knaves on the crass use of human rights ‘whataboutary’ to demobilise a movement, essential reading:



RTE’s ‘Through The Roof’: a failure to explore underlying reasons for the housing crisis

Excellent review on RTE’s ‘through the roof’ and the issue of a manufactured but false balance between landlord and tenant.

Rob Winkel

‘Through The Roof’ on RTE One was weak, journalistically. The programme which aired on 8 December aimed to look at the housing crisis in Dublin, where tenants are increasingly facing rent-hikes, eviction and uncertainty. The documentary seemed to give almost equal time, however, to the problems that landlords have with letting properties as it did to tenants whose lives are affected deeply by the crisis. The show, in RTE’s synopsis, claimed to “balance” the experience of landlords and tenants. A few points are briefly noted below.

Firstly, the problems that landlords face are not a result of the housing crisis. Issues involving properties facing damage from tenants are in no way unique to today’s crisis. Rather, these are problems that landlords may face at any time. They are problems which landlords cover themselves against by demanding the tenant pays a deposit. This is after all the responsibility that a landlord or a…

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